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Year 6 - 2018-19

Mrs Doughty, Mrs Storr & Mrs O'Brien

What a great way to start the Spring term! Year 6 visited The Warning Zone this week and learnt so much that they can use in their own day-to-day lives. They spent time in an e-safety briefing, before heading to the 'Internet Carnival', where they played various games to learn all about online dangers such as bullying, internet phishing, grooming and posting images. They also spent time visiting lots of different sites and learning about the dangers - these included canals, alleyways, the beach, train lines and building sites. 

Check out the images below!

A massive thank you to everyone who has sent in a donation towards our reverse advent calendars! They are filled to the brim with lots of lovely goodies for those who may be less fortunate around Christmas time, and will be very much appreciated.

Another World War trip! This time, we headed to Beaumanor Hall to learn all about WWII. We looked at code cracking at Bletchley Park, shopping for rations and even spent some time during The Blitz in an air raid shelter! 

We had a brilliantly informative and immersive day - have a look at the pictures below!

Year 6 had their First Aid training with Rupesh this week - they learnt about the 'bystander effect', took part in role plays and tried chest compressions on a model. 

Take a look at the images below to see what they learnt!

To celebrate the end of our WWI History topic, Year 6 held a Centenary Street Party! We all had a brilliant time, showing parents and visitors what we had learnt, looking at old photos and reminiscing with WWI music, songs and dancing! Thank you to everybody who donated, supported and came along!

Have a look at the lovely pictures below!

Commando Joe was a great way to introduce everybody to our whole school values, following the letters R.E.S.P.E.C.T. We linked our 'missions' to our History topic, by acting like spies such as Nancy Wake (The White Mouse) trying to evade the Gestapo!

Check out the pictures below showing our group training whilst being interrogated and our passages from prison to safety!

Year 6 have been encouraging not only their own love of reading this term, but others' as well! We took a trip down to Year 2 to read with the children in Mrs Meadows' and Mr Rhodes' class to share our enjoyment with them.

Have a look at the pictures below!

The Victory Show

To start year six and our new topics with a bang, we visited The Victory Show on the first week of term. We found out lots of things about the World Wars and looked fantastic in our period costumes! It was great to look at and hold some of the equipment, hear tales from ex-soldiers and even witness ammunition being fired. This has given us lots of background information for our topic on British Conflicts since 1900 this term.





Here is the PowerPoint presentation with information about Year 6 from the Meet & Greet evening.