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Our whole school definition of science is:



“Science is a way to understand our world by carefully thinking about it and testing our ideas with observations and experiments.”



At Montrose, we develop children's knowledge of scientific ideas (substantive knowledge) and the methods used by scientists to develop such knowledge (disciplinary knowledge) through a well-sequenced curriculum built around 'big ideas', such as 'life cycles', 'habitats' and 'diversity and classification' (see the 'big ideas' document below for more information).

Importantly, however, science instruction at Montrose aims to provide children with a sense of awe and wonder about the natural world. Over a child’s time from EYFS to Y6, for example, they should be able to walk through the same forest each year and have a deeper appreciation of the complex networks of living things which inhabit it. A deep scientific knowledge gives children a greater appreciation of our world and gives them multiple lenses through which to see it.


To get more information on your child’s individual year group look at the table below and read the programmes of study.  Click here to read the programmes of study

Science in Action at Montrose

At Montrose, we record the 'practical' aspects of the curriculum in floor books which run from Nursery to Y6. Have a look at some of our work below!

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