Montrose School

Achieving, Caring, Aspiring

Our Vision

To create a school community where children are inspired, work hard to achieve their full potential and are caring and responsible individuals. 

At Montrose School we work hard to provide a happy, caring, stimulating and creative environment where all children can recognise and achieve their potential allowing them to make their best contribution to society.  We strive to provide children with, not only their National Curriculum entitlement, but also a broader experience and extra-curricular activities, which will foster and cater for the interests and abilities of each child.  

 Our Values
  • Honesty, integrity, trust and openness
  • Respect for self, others, wider community and environment
  • Self-belief and confidence
  • Open to challenge and new ideas
  • Loyalty to our school and its wider community
  • Generosity and kindness
  • To enjoy and value lifelong learning
  • Aspire, aim and achieve


Our Aims
To work with parents, carers and all our partners to   achieve the best outcomes for each child so that ...
  • Everyone achieves their potential through personalised and enjoyable activities in a stimulating environment,

  • Everyone learns how to be safe and feel safe in school and their community,

  • Everyone learns how to be healthy and to make healthy choices,

  • Everyone communicates effectively and with confidence,

  • Everyone has the opportunity to have their voices heard, valued and respected,

  • Everyone learns how to make life choices that lead to their economic security.

  On our journey together we work to achieve
  this by ...
  • Developing positive relationships and communicating effectively,

  • Motivating all to learn through relevant personalised and fun activities in a safe and caring environment,

  • Building on everyone’s self-esteem, empowering all to become valued citizens, with everyone’s contribution to society respected,

  • Promoting positively the spiritual, moral, cultural and social development of every child,

  • Ensuring equity within an inclusive setting,

  • Partnership with families, partner services and the community.



Wigston Lane, Leicester, Leicestershire

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