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A BIG Welcome to the Nursery



Teacher: Mrs Gray 

NNEB: Mrs Wright

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Aldwinckle

Mrs Moran 

Apprentice: Karina


Latest information

Useful downloads:

 What to expect, when? Guidance to your child's learning and development.


Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Parents Guide


 We are all looking forward to working and playing at Nursery this term and getting to know all of the new children in our class.


Our Nursery Garden

Over the summer break we have been improving and painting our outdoor garden. Developing this further is a main focus for the coming term. 


Nursery Times

15 hours places - Monday to Friday 8.30 - 11.30 a.m.

30 hours places - Monday - Thursday 8.30 a.m. - 3.00 p.m.    Friday 8.30 a.m. - 12.30 p.m.

30 Hours Places

If anyone would like their child to attend the Nursery for 30 hours, then these places are available free to all eligible parents, or at a cost of £60 per week. Please ask us for any further information if you are interested.


Planning is displayed on the cloakroom notice board. Please take a look if you wish to note what we are doing! If you would like to make any suggestions, then please share these with any member of the Nursery staff.



Pants - Could we remind you that we encourage our children to wear pants at school (rather than pull ups).  If you think your child might have an ‘accident’ please put spare underwear in their bag.

Coats – Your child needs to bring a coat to school.  We go into our garden every day.

Snack Time - During the session your child can have milk and fruit if they want it, or their own water if they prefer that.  We allow the children to decide and although they are encouraged during the session, we do not insist they eat anything they don’t want.  Just like at home, some days children eat and drink more or less than on other days.  We want the children to enjoy their snack time and not get stressed about it.  The children sit at the dining table for their snack and spend time talking with us and their friends in a relaxed, yet more formal environment. Please do not send your child to school with any sweets or snacks.

Lunch Time (30hrs children only) Please ensure you send a healthy packed lunch and a drink (no nuts or nut based products). If you would like any healthy lunch ideas please do no hesitate to ask us.

Birthday Sweets - Your child is welcome to bring sweets on their birthday. There are 34 children in the class.  Please do not send any items that may contain nuts as we have children with allergies in school. We always give these out at the end of the session,  so you may check if they are suitable for your child.


Key Person Groups

The Key Person Groups are The Peppermint Teddies and The Peach Teddies.


Partnership with Parents

Please help yourself to the Teddy sheets in the cloakroom area if you wish to share any significant ‘wow’ steps in learning for your child.  We recognise and appreciate those steps in learning are observed both at home and school.  It is valuable to us to know as much as we can about your child and add any relevant information to their learning journal.

Parent's/Carer's Progress appointments will be offered to all parents this term. 

You will be invited to join in a number of events with your children during the term, so please take a look at the notice board to see what's in store! 



The children will select a library book to share with you at home every WEDNESDAY. Please make sure that you bring your book back every week. 


Treasure Chest

This takes place every FRIDAY. Each child may bring a special toy/item to talk about at Nursery that day. Please don’t bring toys on other days (if they get lost, the children get very upset)



Very best wishes from

Mrs.Gray, Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Aldwinckle, Mrs Moran, & Karina