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Who might be involved in supporting my child?



Who will be involved in supporting my child and how is professional expertise secured?


Montrose School is a mainstream school and we do not have a Designated Special Provision (DSP).  All of our teachers are teachers of children with special educational needs.  Subsequently, Montrose School adopts a whole school approach involving all staff adhering to a model of quality first teaching.  The staff of the school are committed to identifying and providing for the needs of all children in an inclusive environment.  Inclusion is regarded as crucial to the policy in line with that of the Local Authority.  This means that all children with SEND are taught together with their peers for the majority of the time, being withdrawn for short periods only when specialist provision cannot be incorporated in any other way due to practical considerations for the child and the class as a whole.

The school’s team of educational support staff support children’s learning both in class as well as through specific intervention groups. This team is led and managed by the Deputy Head, Mrs Measures.


Teaching Assistants (TAs)

 Our team of TAs work mainly within class supporting identified children. This enables us to offer small group support to those children with higher levels of need at School Support. Their work is carried out under the direction of the class teacher, SENCo and/or external agencies.  Some TA’s will work with children on a 1:1 basis if that child has received additional funding to meet their more complex needs.

Intervention groups include a wide range of intervention programmes including the Funtime, social skills and language groups, school programmes for supporting reading, writing and maths development, handwriting programmes and fine and gross motor skills groups.


1:1 Teaching Assistants (1:1 TAs)

1:1 TAs work predominately with children with EHC plans to support them in the classroom and through 1:1 work. They plan with the class teacher and SENCo to support the child’s targets and record their work. They also liaise with external agencies, where appropriate, and parents.  Support is tailored to suit the individual needs of the child as identified within their plan.


Child & Family Support Officer (FSO) - contact Donna McAteer at Montrose School

We employ a FSO full time.  She runs drop-in sessions for parents and works with identified parents and their children on individual issues, as well as running group projects across the school.  The FSO can help complete forms with parents to identify needs and access additional services.


External Support Agencies and Teachers

External support services play an important part in helping the school identify, assess and make provision for pupils with special education needs. 

  • The school receives regular visits from the nominated Local Authority Education Welfare Officer and concerns about attendance or punctuality are followed up very quickly.

  • The Educational Psychologist has a set amount of time which they can give to the school and they work with the SENCo to prioritise the children to be seen for observations and assessments each term to the best way forward in supporting these children.

  • The school may seek advice from the council’s specialist advisory teaching services for children with learning difficulties (Complex Learning Communication and Interaction Team), language and communication difficulties (Speech and Language Therapy Team), behavioural, emotional and social difficulties (Social, Emotional and Mental Health Team), autistic spectrum disorder (Autism Support Team), hearing impairment (Hearing Impaired Team), visual impairment (Visual Support Team), and early years difficulties (Early Years Support Team).

All of these agencies liaise with parents to explain their involvement with the children.


Links with Health Services, Educational Welfare Services and Voluntary Organisations

 The School Nurse, Jean Tratt, makes regular visits to school to carry out health assessments and is always at the end of the phone to offer advice and find out information whenever needed.

Referrals made to the Speech and Language Therapy Team may result in children being put on a waiting list for assessment. Following the assessment, the report is fed back to school with relevant information to help plan the way forward.

Social Services become involved if a referral is made to them with concerns about a child or they sometimes notify the school of concerns raised by another external agency.


The Special Educational Needs and Disability Information, Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS) formally know as Parent Partnership is available to all parents of pupils with special educational needs.  Parents of any pupil identified with SEND may contact them for independent support and advice.  Click here to visit their website.