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How will my child be helped to access the curriculum?



Montrose School aims to be a wheelchair friendly school.  The school is split over two levels with lift access to the second floor.  Majority of the corridors are wide and there are two toilets suitable for wheelchair users.  Where possible, changes are made to the environment / building that are necessary for children with additional needs.     


At Montrose we follow the National Curriculum 2014 in line with the school’s policy of inclusion.  Where pupils have special educational needs and/or disabilities, a graduated response is adopted.  The school will (other than in exceptional cases) make full use of classroom and school resources before drawing on external support.


Our classrooms are inclusion-friendly and teachers are encouraged to teach in a way that supports children with a range of needs.  We take advice from professionals in how to adapt our curriculum and learning environment for children with SEND.   Being taught in the classroom enables them to access the full curriculum at their level through differentiation, supporting their learning alongside the class teacher and with the rest of the class, and by using a range of visual, tactile and concrete resources.  Sometimes children benefit from individual and / or small group work to address specific skills to enable them to access the curriculum more fully.  This happens outside of the classroom in one of our specialist teaching rooms where it is quieter and less distracting.


All children are encouraged to talk about how they feel about their learning and their progress and are encouraged to ‘have a go’ and to take charge of their own learning.  The rest of the class are encouraged to be supportive to all by encouraging and helping each other to tackle tasks.  


There is flexible grouping of pupils so that learning needs may be met in individual, small group or whole class contexts.  The curriculum will be differentiated to meet the needs of individual pupils.  Teaching styles and flexible groups will reflect this approach.


Schemes of work for pupils, within classes and year groups, will reflect whole school approaches to teaching and learning and will take account of special educational needs. Curriculum tasks and activities may be broken down into a series of small and achievable steps for pupils who have marked learning difficulties.